Merchandise and Promotional Goods


Merchandise and promotional goods have become industry standard for events in today's professional and creative fields - but more often than not - they are lack luster, low quality, and quite frankly; a disappointment. We create quality driven, event-specific merchandise and promotional goods in a wide range of product choices that perfectly suits any occasion or event.


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Tour merchandise is typically produced for concerts, events and eCommerce sales. Created ideally for marketing, gaining exposure, and fan memorabilia, tour merchandise is the perfect means of creating additional income and satisfying fans.

Our most popular Tour Merchandise items are:
-T-Shirts, Tank Tops & Longsleeves
-Basketball Shorts & Sweatpants
-Hoodies & Crewnecks



Promotional good are typically give-away items provided by artists or organizations at events and trade shows. Widely popular for their affordability and relatively small size, promotional goods are the perfect go-to gift for new client, fans and prospects..

Our most popular Promotional items are:
-T-Shirts & Tote Bags
-Water Bottles & Mugs
-Pins, Stickers & Lanyards