Apparel Production, Made Simple.

All production is proudly manufactured in Southern California by master artisans and production specialists.

Made in U.S.A. - just the way we like it. We believe in domestic production. More specifically, we believe in supporting our local business owners, workers, and talent creatives through channels of production, manufacturing, distribution, and more.

Blanks and Popular Garments

Style your look from hundreds of garments and beautiful color ways.
Produced by the brands we know and trust.

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Looking for a brand or specific garment not listed above? We can source your garments!




The screenprinting process involves applying a layer of plastisol ink through a woven mesh silkscreen onto the fabric or garment on your choice. Each color involved in your artwork incurs the use of a screen, and dark garments incur an under base to ensure the vibrancy and fullness of your artwork.

Screenprinting is our most popular, cost effective and versatile service. Perfect for any occasion; especially in volume.

Types of Screenprinting:
-High Density (Puff) Print
-Foil & Speciality Metallic Inks


The embroidery process involves creating a digitized rendering of your artwork, preparing it for stitching, then using commercial embroidery machines to produce the final product. Known for its timeless look, quality construction, and use of threading, embroidery is one of our most popular services.

Highly recommended for headwear and business uniform.

Types of Embroidery:
-Standard Threading
-Speciality Metallic Threading
-3D Puff
-Tackle Twill



The direct-to-garment process involves printing CMYK ink on your garment of choice, using state-of-the-art inkjet technology, with the capability of fulfilling full-color designs and images. DTG printing does not incur screens or any set ups fees, and final garment results in a grainy, "vintage" feel.

Highly recommended for color intensive designs and low quantity shirt orders.
*can only be used with 100% ring spun cotton fabric. Preferred color: White.


The sublimation process involves using a digital printer to apply your full color, "all-over" design onto a sublimation transfer sheet, which is then heat-pressed on your garment pattern of choice, sewn, and finalized. Dye sublimation is used specifically for "all-over" print.

Highly recommended for t-shirts and muscle tees, tank tops and jerseys, crewnecks hoodies, leggings and yoga pants, sports bras, athletic wear, shorts, blankets, and more.



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HEAt Transfer

The heat transfer process involves using a heat press to apply your vinyl-based design onto the garment of your choice. A vinyl cutter precisely cuts your design, either using a blade or laser, off of a sheet of vinyl, to prepare your design for the transfer.

Highly recommended for color intensive designs and one-off samples.

Private Labeling & Finishes

Build Your Brand. The Right Way.


The final details are often the most important. Aside from production, we offer the private labeling and finishing tools necessary to add the final touches to all of your projects, ranging from a variety of different services to best compliment your brand and products.



Clear poly bags and size stickers are applied to your garments individually, carefully folding them and preparing them for shipment.

Poly bags are a must for seamless inventory management, ease of individual shipping and and protection from dust and mites.

SKUs & Product Numbers can be easily applied for internal use.

MOQ: 36 Pieces.


Using a thin, delicate layer of soft-touch plastisol, we'll apply your brand's personalized logo, size and care instructions below the neckline of your garment.

Screenprinted neck labels are ubiquitous to clothing brands and considered the industry standard.

We recommend using the same colored ink on all garments to avoid any color changes. Our most popular is dark grey.

MOQ: 36 Pieces.


Private label your brand's finishes with fully customizable woven or printed labels. Available in damask and satin, we also offer a variety of different finishes, including straight cut, end folds, loop folds, mitre folds, and more.

Sewing  is available for all labels.

Woven/Printed Label MOQ:
1,000 Pieces at a flat rate of $199.

Sewing MOQ: 48 Pieces.


*The original label can be either cut off or torn away with tear away labels (if applicable). We cannot print over heat pressed or already printed labels.

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Merchandise and Promotional Goods


Merchandise and promotional goods have become industry standard for events in today's professional and creative fields - but more often than not - they are lack luster, low quality, and quite frankly; a disappointment. We create quality driven, event-specific merchandise and promotional goods in a wide range of product choices that perfectly suits any occasion or event.


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Tour merchandise is typically produced for concerts, events and eCommerce sales. Created ideally for marketing, gaining exposure, and fan memorabilia, tour merchandise is the perfect means of creating additional income and satisfying fans.

Our most popular Tour Merchandise items are:
-T-Shirts, Tank Tops & Longsleeves
-Basketball Shorts & Sweatpants
-Hoodies & Crewnecks



Promotional good are typically give-away items provided by artists or organizations at events and trade shows. Widely popular for their affordability and relatively small size, promotional goods are the perfect go-to gift for new client, fans and prospects..

Our most popular Promotional items are:
-T-Shirts & Tote Bags
-Water Bottles & Mugs
-Pins, Stickers & Lanyards